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Magazine Scans: ‘Crash Course’ – an article about Quinn Fabray’s accident
Written by on April 6th, 2012


Gallery Link:
Magazine Scans > 2012 > April 09 – April 15, 2012 – TVGuide 

Twitter Spoilers: ‘Glee’ is filming their senior prom episode
Written by on March 31st, 2012

According to the following tweets made by Glee cast members this week, they are in the process of filming their second prom episode:

I just have two questions for you guys:

  1. Are you excited to see what’s happening in the above mentioned scenes?
  2. Where the heck is Quinn Fabray?? :(

Glee Exclusive: Look Who’s Playing Puck’s Dad!
Written by on March 31st, 2012

Sorry, Mr. T. You can stop grooming your mohawk now, because the role of Puck’s father on Glee has finally been cast, and you didn’t get it. Who did?

TVLine is happy to exclusively report that Melrose Place vet Thomas Calabro will play the estranged father of Mark Salling‘s underachiever in this season’s 18th episode, which is slated to air in April.

Puck’s mom, as played by Gina Hecht, was introduced in the Season 1 episode “Mash-Up.”


Source: TVLine

Puck and Quinn Spoilers
Written by on August 16th, 2011

I don’t usually put these on the main page, but new (and awesome) Puck and Quinn spoilers have been given to us by the lovely @KristenDSantos from E!Online. I figured that we all needed a good pick-me-up after last season, so here they are!

xSalgronQuick: Will Glee be revisiting the Puck/Quinn storyline as Shelby is returning?
Based on this bit of casting info, I’d say definitely! Glee is looking for twin blonde baby girls to be “very, very featured extras.” Who thinks baby Beth will finally be seen again? Um, we do! And if the love child of Puck (Mark Salling) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) is coming around, it’s pretty safe to say that that the couple formerly known as Quick might be having a “remember when we had a kid?” conversation.


She’s going to be at a panel for Glee tonight, so hopefully we’ll get some more Puck/Quinn spoilers! If we do, you know where to find them! ;)

CONFIRMED – Mark Salling, Chord Overstreet & Kevin McHale to Cover Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on Glee!
Written by on April 15th, 2011

Though it’s Wednesday today, how about a little news on “Friday”? The hot rumor of the hour is that Glee‘s prom episode will include a cover of Rebecca Black’s infamous YouTube hit “Friday,” and Vulture can confirm that andreveal an opposite-sex twist: The ode to fun, sitting in the backseat, fun, and fun will be sung by Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, and Mark Salling. (Though another rumor had returning guest star Jonathan Groff taking part, we hear he isn’t involved.) Who knows: Maybe if this attempt in covering viral-video ditties turns out well, Ryan Murphy could talk Gwyneth Paltrow into a rendition of “I’m Zack”?

Source: NYMag

Puck and Quinn News from the Paley Festival!
Written by on March 17th, 2011

I don’t normally post spoilers on the front page of the site, but I figured that after almost a year of Puck and Quinn not being mentioned really at all, you’d all want to see the below information! I want to thank all of our site’s Tumblr friends for getting us these twitter screen captures!

The following is a tweet from @karawarner, a reporter for MTV News who was sitting in the audience at Paley Festival tonight (March 16, 2011). She said that the following was spoken of Puck and Quinn when the producers were asked what would be done with them this season.

After that, I tweeted her from my Glee podcast site asking her if that was just for this season or for good, just to be sure, and she answered with the following:

Later, another question was asked in reference to what was going to be happening with Puck and Quinn, and she said that the following was said in regards to that:

I’m going to assume that the above answer means that Puck and Quinn will happen again at some point, so keep that faith Quick fans!

Also, the below was said by Mark about all of Puck’s relationships on the show.
And when asked about Beth, Glee producer Brad Falchuk said that Beth is happy in “NYC” with Shelby. You can find the link to the person who was there and posted that HERE on Tumblr. This individual has given out many completely accurate spoilers for the show multiple times, so she is a good source.

My theory? Since it has been said multiple times that the finale of season 2 is going to be filmed in New York City, I assume that they will run into Shelby there at Nationals, who will obviously have Beth. This may start a build-up situation towards Puck and Quinn for the next season, making the “not a reunion” this season statement very accurate as well as the “we’ll be getting to that” statement.

What are your theories on it?

Dianna Agron – ‘I Am Number Four’ Junket Interview
Written by on January 29th, 2011

Dianna Agron interview about ‘I Am Number Four.’ Beware that it is spoilery! Enjoy if you don’t mind being spoiled, though!

VIDEO – Dianna Agron Dishes on the ‘Glee’ Super Bowl Episode
Written by on January 27th, 2011

Dianna Agron Teases About Sam/Quinn Problems in Future ‘Glee’ Episodes
Written by on January 15th, 2011

I don’t usually post spoilers on the main page, but I do feel like you guys will want to read this! Enjoy!

Glee star Dianna Agron has hinted that Quinn and Sam will face obstacles in their relationship.

Speaking to TV Line, Agron confirmed reports that Sam (Chord Overstreet) will sing Quinn a Justin Bieber track to impress her.

She teased: “But does it? That’s the question… The episode stirs up some problems with them.”

Agron also joked that she likes Sam’s attempts to win Quinn over, saying: “I liken him to a golden retriever puppy. He is sweet, he can be a little dopey – in a lovable way – and sometimes his thoughts aren’t fully cooked.”


Her description of Sam is kind of exactly how you can describe Finn…………. and we all know that they didn’t last. Hopefully we’ll see some Puck & Quinn in the not-so-distant future!

‘Glee’ is NOT Doing a Bieber Episode!
Written by on January 10th, 2011

I don’t normally like to post spoilers on the main page, but people were literally freaking out over the Bieber tribute news yesterday.

Contrary to false reports that have been floating online, our beloved Glee is not doing a Justin Bieber- themed episode.

The show’s creator and executive producer, Ryan Murphy, exclusively tells PerezHilton.com, “Glee is NOT doing a Justin Bieber tribute episode. We are not doing any more of those this season. Those are reserved for artists with a big catalogue, ala Madonna and Britney, etc.”

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Beliebers!

BUT, there is some good news!

Justin’s music WILL be featured in an upcoming episode!

Explains Murphy, “We are doing an episode where Sam sings a JB song to win Quinn back…and copies his hairstyle, etc. But it’s a small part of a big episode that has a LOT of other things going on.”

And there you have it, folks!

Source: Perez Hilton

There is still speculation that the Glee writers changed their minds after seeing how upset the fans were about it yesterday. What do you guys think?